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(As on 10th November, 2008)


(1)Name of the Office : Vocational Section, HRDD, Govt of Sikkim.

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Training(Apprenticeship) Certificate


  (2) Head of the Office  : Mr.S.K.Pradhan, Director (Voc. Edn)  
  (3) Location-Full details with office and fax number : Ground Floor, HRDD Building, Tashiling, Secretariat, Gangtok. :  
  PH & FAX: (03592) 203338 PBX: 275  
  (4) Total manpower engaged and their details designation wise and contact number of important officials:  
1. Mr Pem Tseten Bhutia Coordinator  
2. Mr. D.V. Basnet  A.E.O. (Voc Edn) 9832044550
3. Ms. Nindey Lepcha LDC (Voc Edn) -
5. Activities, work being done by the office : All matters related with Vocational Education and Training Programme
In 40 Govt Senior Secondary Schools List of 40 SS Schools enclosed at
Annexure I
  (6) Latest Annual Report      :  
  (7) Details of Government schemes, centrally sponsored scheme (if any) being implemented under the      
  section.      : -/-  
  (8) Forms useful for general public and Department employees :    Nil  
  (9) Any other information for general public & dept employees       : Nil  

Vocational Education Programme


“Implementation of vocational education at +2 level in 40 Govt SS Schools in
Sikkim :2007-08”


Since the introduction of vocational education as distinct vocational stream(s)/ addl. Sub at +2 level in 40 Govt Senior Secondary schools in Sikkim, the Academic Sessions viz. 2004, 2005 and 2007 have already been completed under the Vocational Education Programme. The State Government is well aware of the importance of vocational education and has already taken a number of important initiatives in tune with the national policy of Education, 1986 and the recommendations of the National Curriculum Framework, Socio-economic survey, 2006. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim has also emphasized the need to accord high priority on vocational education with special attention to computer related areas and wider range of vocational streams.

   Vocational Education has been introduced with effect from February, 2004 with the following objectives:-  
  With avenues to the Govt jobs in the state of Sikkim having reached saturation situation the professional training & vocational education in schools would give children the skills to find ‘Self – Employment’. The National Policy for Education, 1986 has laid down great emphasis on imparting Vocational Education at the senior secondary level.  

The objectives of Vocational Education are primarily aimed towards arming our students with the right Knowledge & practical skills to prepare students for gainful self/wage employment & diversification of education opportunities, reduce the mismatch between demand and supply of skilled & semi-Skilled manpower & to provide an alternative for those pursuing higher education without any definite purpose. The target of coverage of senior secondary students as envisaged by the Kulandaiswamy Committee Report, 2000 in the Programme was approx 15%.


To fulfil the State’s goals of development with special emphasis on self reliance mission and the removal of unemployment and destitution and to impart education relevant to productivity, economic development and individual prosperity.


VET may attract a sizeable segment of population to varied vocational courses so as to reduce the aimless rush to general education and help meet the needs of skilled and middle level manpower for the growing sectors of economy, both organized and unorganised.

It will develop positive attitudes, Knowledge skills for entrepreneurship and self-employment.

The governing norms followed for Vocational Education in the state of Sikkim are as per the approved CBSE schemes of studies and course curriculum which is given below.

  The learning area for Vocational Stream as per norms and CBSE Scheme of Studies includes:  
  LANGUAGE I : Core English
LANGUAGE II* : English Elective, Limboo, Lepcha, Bhutia, Hindi,Nepali, Tibetan, any Subject offered at the elective level.
Three Elective as per the voc stream package e.g.:
HORTICULTURE – Paper III : Vegetable Culture
Paper IV : Floriculture
Paper V : Post Harvest Tech & Preservation.

Part I – Environmental Education, Rular Development, Information,
Communication & Technology, Entrepreneurship Development.
Part II - Specific as per the relevant vocational stream.

NB: (V, VI & VII: Compulsory for all vocational candidates)
(+ One year apprenticeship training upon successful for student desirous to do so)
  • Construction of 2 Rooms/ Worksheds for vocational education have already been completed at 39 GOVT SS School under the VE Programme.

  • Nos of Govt Sr. Sec school covered = 40 Govt SS Schools.
  • Nos of District covered = 4
  • NOs of vocational stream/addl. subs offered = 10 vocational stream/addl. subjects.

          School wise offer of respective vocational stream/add subject is enclosed at Annexure I.
  • Nos of student opting voc education at the sr. sec stage = 1225 (Acad year 2008)

  • Present enrolment of vocational education students in Class XI and Class XII for the Academic year 2008 is 688* and 537 respectively. The Total nos. of Vocational education students at +2level in 40 Govt SS School is 1225.

NB: * As the compartmental results are yet to be declared, there will be variation on total nos. of voc sdn student in the present Class as and when the compartmental results are declared.

  • From 18.53% of vocational student at +2 level in 40 SS Schools in Sikkim out of the total nos. of senior secondary during the Academic year 2007, percentage of vocational candidates in terms of the Academic year 2008 has gone up to 20.76% (approximate total nos. student in Class XI and Class XII, 2008 is assumed as 5900),

  • Target envisaged (as envisaged by Kulandaiswamy Committee) = approx 15%
  • Diversion achieved for the year 2008 in the state of Sikkim comes to 20.67%
  • Nos of Orientation, workshop, training of Voc Education teachers of Sikkim under the VE Programme conducted = 6      major     training of vocational Education Teachers in Sikkim already conducted by the PSSCIVE (NCERT), Bhopal. PSSCIVE (NCERT) is the apex body for vocational education in India under the Union Ministry of HRD, Govt of India.
  • NER Consultation Meeting for Vet in the North-East Region during the 11th Plan period was organized by the PSSCIVE (NCERT), Bhopal as per the Govt of India directives at Guwahati, Assam which was attended by concerned officials of the Vocational Section HRDD, Govt of Sikkim.

  • The Performance student opting Vocational Streams in the class XII CBSE Exams for the Year 2006 and 2007 has also been notable. The Success rate of vocational stream student for the Class XII CBSE examinations of 2006 was 81.32% and which has risen to 84.74% for the CBSE examinations of 2007.

  • The Success rate of Vocational stream students for the Class XII CBSE examinations of 2008 has gone up to 88.12%

  • Increase in Success Rate for the Vocational stream candidates in the + 2 Boards Exams in three Successive years from 2006 to 2007 = I.97% and from 2007 to 2008 =3.42%.


Vertical Mobility of Vocational students has also been considered with high regard by the Human Resource Development Department, Govt of Sikkim. North Bengal University respond positive to our request for Vertical Mobility for Vocational students after passing +2 CBSE Exams at Colleges under the North Bengal University vide their no.429/Insp-2005 dated 24th August, 2005alongwith which list of wide ranging Career Oriented Programmes under the NBU that may be pursued and availed of by voc stream pass-outs was also conveyed. The Department has also requested the concerned Authorities of Allahabad agriculture University (Deemed University), Allahabad vide letter No.361/ HRDD /VOC dated 24:06:2006 for consideration of admission to +2 vocational stream pass- outs from Sikkim, who may like to pursue degree level courses related with their respective streams in the said Institution.


Horticulture, Dairying pass-outs from the 1st and 2nd Batch are already studying BSC (Ag), BSc (Forestry) under Gorakhpur, Meerut and Purvanchal Universities , IT Application, Mgt based voc stream pass-outs are admitted to relevant UG level Deg/Diploma courses ICFAI University, George Institute, Dehradun. Some Hotel Mgt & Cat Tech pass-outs are pursuing Bachelor of Hotel Management at Institute of Hotel Management, Tadong B.HMCT at various Management Institute at Siliguri, kolkata. With the efforts of the Vocational Section, Hrdd, Govt of Sikkim, 30 nos of Govt of Sikkim nominees (exclusively for +2 passouts in Agri based voc streams under the state’s Voc Edn Programme) are provide reserved seats for admission to BSc (Agriculture/ Horticulture) at SGRR (PG) College, Dehradun, Uttarakhand (under the HNB Garhwal University) since the year 2007. The following seats are provided degree/ diploma level educations for +2 vocational stream pass-outs are:-

Sl.No  Name of the course Nos of seats Name of the Institute.
1. BSC (Agriculture) 15  SGRR (PG) College, Dehradun, Under HB Garhwal University
2. BSC (Horticulture)
15 SGRR (PG) College, Dehradun, Under HB Garhwal University

Similarly seats to various degree/ diploma course for management based vocational stream pass-outs are also managed by the Vocational Section. Further seats are also reserved for vocational stream pass-outs at DSMS, Durgapur, that ruins aICTE approved course as mention below.

Sl.No  Degree/Diploma level Course Nos of seats Nos of Sikkim nominees [Vocational stream-[IT Application, Hotel; Management & Cat Technology, Travel & Tourism Management, Office Secretaryship]
1. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) 5 (five)  5 (five)
2. BHMCT (Bachelor in Hotel Mgt & Cat Tech)  10(ten) 10(ten)
3. DHMCT (Dip in Hotel Mgt & Catering Tech)  10(ten) 10(ten)
4. BBA- T&H (Bachelor in Business Adm)  5 (five) 5 (five)
5. BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) 5 (five)  5 (five)
6. Hospitality Management.  5 (five) 5 (five)
  • The Section’s efforts paid dividend when the Vice Chancellor of Sikkim Manipal University, on the request of the HRD Department agreed to reintroduce the UG course of BCA from the year 2006 onwards. 4 out of the 6 Sikkim local quota seats for BCA at Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Majitar in 2006 and 8 out of the 9 Sikkim quota seats in 2007 was awarded to voc stream pass-outs of IT Application.

  • In order that vocational stream pass-outs are also provided scholarship stipends to help and encourage them to enhance their employability and career qualification by further education in related disciplines, the State Govt has approved for necessary arrangement and hence the extension of provision of Notification No for availing scholarships by vocational pass-outs undergoing UG Degree/Diploma has been notified by the State Government vide No 21 / GOS/ HRDD/ VOC/VM/77 dated 13th April, 2008 the provisions of which will be considered with effect from the Academic year 2006. Consistent efforts are being made by the HRDD, Govt of Sikkim for reservation quotas (seats) for vocational students who may like to pursue degree level education after passing +2 CBSE Exams. The HRDD has also requested the Delhi University for seats related with their vocational trades in respect of higher education for vocational trades in respect of higher education for vocational stream pass-outs.

  • For the purpose of enabling the vocational stream pass-outs to undergo one year apprenticeship training, there has been continuous correspondence, interaction and coordination from the HRD Dept, Govt of Sikkim with the Board of Practical Training, Eastern Region, MHRD, GOI, Kolkata and various other Department / PSUs under Govt of Sikkim.
A High-Level Meeting of Heads of 15 Deptts/PSUs under Govt of Sikkim with dignitaries from BOPT (ER), MHRD, Kolkata was held on 19th October, 2006 at the Tashiding Conference Hall, Secretariats, Gangtok, chaired by the Addl Chief Secretary, Govt of Sikkim.
State-wide apprenticeship training at various Depts/PSUs in Sikkim was launched for the first time ever in the state of Sikkim with effect from 1st December, 2006 for the first batch of +2 voc stream pass-out students of the year 2006.
From the total nos of 560 nos of pass-outs of the first batch of vocational candidates, 322 nos of them applied for undergoing apprenticeship training and 147 have already been registered by the BOPT (ER), MHRD, GoI, and Kolkata till now. These pass-outs were engaged as technician (vocational) apprentices at various Departments / PSUs under Govt of Sikkim. 116 voc stream pass-outs are pursuing higher level education at various institutes in Sikkim & outside the state. Two (2) of the Horticulture stream pass-outs viz Phulkumari Chettri and Gom Bahadur Biswakarma have already found employment as Master Trainer under the organic farming project in the state. 3 pass-outs of Travels & Tourism Management stream pass-outs are employed as Asst Manager, Tour Operators, etc at local Tours & Travels Agencies in the State. At least 3 nos of Self Help Groups (each consisting of 10-12 student pass-outs) have already been formed and presently in developmental stage and learning various aspects to establish themselves as Entrepreneurs in the state. Information on all pass-outs with vocational education is maintained.

The first batches of voc stream pass-outs have successfully completed one year stipendiary apprenticeship training at respective establishments under the Govt of Sikkim on 30th November, 2007. The concerned trainees engaged as technician (vocational) apprenticeship were provided monthly stipend of Rs. 1040 per month apprentice as per the Apprentices (Amendment) Act, 1986 & 1992. Certificates for the same will be awarded jointly on 50: 50 basis by the concerned line Department and the BOPT, Govt of India, Kolkata


One year apprenticeships training of 2nd batch of pass-outs who have chosen to undergo the training have also begun at various designated places. With the Govt of India notifying in the gazette of India extraordinary, the concerned apprentices will be entitled to monthly stipend of Rs. 1440 per month per apprentice. For registration of the respective apprentices, the duly filled-in contract registration forms, signed / attested by the authorized personnel of the concerned establishments of these apprentices, have also been already communicated by the HRD Department to the Board of Practical Training (Eastern Region), MHRD, Govt of India, Kolkata.

  • “ On the Job Training (OJT)”
    On the Job Training (OJT)”- an integral component of vocational education curriculum and the CBSE Scheme of Studies was arranged for all the vocational stream students of all the 40 SS Schools & Conducted in 2005, 2006 and 2007 in collaboration with various Private & State Govt. establishments viz. Horticulture & CC Dev Dept / Agriculture Dept / Animal Husbandry, LF & VScs Dept / Transport Dept / Dept of Information Technology, ICAR, Sikkim Milk Union, Travel Agents Association of Sikkim (TAAS), Hotels viz Royal Plaza, Chumbi Residency, Tibet, Tashi Delek, etc, LIC & others. On the Job Training of Vocational students for one month, as per requirement was conducted at 55 Training Centers, located all over Sikki8m during December, 2005 and following years. This annual feature was continued in December, 2006 and more recently during the month of November, 2007. A noteworthy effort in this context was the setting-up of a information providing website viz. www.geocities.gssmangalbaria.com by the Class XII students of vocational stream- IT Application from Mangalbaria Senior Secondary School in West Sikkim as part of the report after completing their requisite on the Job Training held during the end of the Year 2005. The website provides general information such as School’s location, names of teachers, etc.

  • The State Council of Vocational Education (SCVE) of Sikkim has also been constituted. The Secretary, Human Res. Dev. Dept, Govt of Sikkim is the President and the Additional Director, HRDD, Govt of Sikkim is the Member Secretary of the State Council of Vocational Education, Sikkim. SCVE, Sikkim had been constituted in the state, similar to JCVE, India on the national level. The First General Body Meeting of SCVE, Sikkim was conducted at Conference Hall, HRDD, Govt of Sikkim, Gangtok on 15th April, 2006. Notification issued vide NO. 406/GOS/HRDD/VOC dated 26:7:2006 in pursuance of the resolutions passed during the 1st General Body Meeting therefore brings under its ambit many more influential members in the Public as well as Private sectors which provides for wider scope for promotion of various activities regarding vocational education and training by the SCVE, Sikkim.

  • For Job Opportunities of successful voc students after passing +2 Examinations; HRDD, Govt of Sikkim has pursued relevant avenues and communicated with:-

  1. All the Departments under Govt. of Sikkim,
  2. Financial providers / institutions and
  3. Various other Private entities.

           Though there has been mixed responses from the above establishments, the department is vigorously pursuing further necessary action on the matter as incentives can only encourage wider participation from all quarters.

These students may help bridge the widening gap of mismatch of demand and supply of skilled manpower. The Department is committed to develop local resources & manpower by providing vocational education and training at SS Schools so that our youths may have the adequate and requisite skills to face the future challenges in life. The Department has also recently published Report on Vocational Education Programme in Sikkim for the years 2004-05, 2005-06 and 2006-07.

PSSCIVE (NCERT) Awards : Best Practices in the field of vocational education
  • The following individuals / institutions from Sikkim have been conferred National awards by PSSCIVE (NNCERT) for best practices in voc education under various categories:-
  For PSSCIVE (NCERT) Awards: 2007, the recipients are as follows –  

1. Best student (voc) achiever:

i. Miss Dechen Doma Tamang

IT Application (84% in AISSCE, 2007) from Soreng Sr Sec School, West Sikkim.

  ii. Miss Saraswati Mishra

IT Application (82.25% in AISSCE, 2007) from Beraspati Persai SS School, Ranipool, East Sikkim

2.Best Vocational Teacher : i. Mr. Jayanta Chatterji (I.T. Application)
   West Point Sr Sec School, East Sikkim.
3.Best Vocational Institution : i. Government Sr Sec School
   Heei. Beraspati Persai Sr School,
   Ranipool, East Sikkim. Yangthang, West Sikkim.
4.Best School Industry Linkage :  
  Enrolment of vocational students under the VE Programme: 2007 and 2008  


Enrolment of vocational students: 2007 in 40 Govt SS Schools in Sikkim Enrolment of vocational students: 2008 in 40 Govt SS Schools in Sikkim
Class XI    Class XII XI + XII Class XI Class XII XI + XII
EAST  222   240 462 352 222  574
WEST  119   175 294 129 119 248
SOUTH 130 124 254 164 130 294
NORTH 66 36 102 43 66 109
Total 537 575 1112 688 537 1225
Source: Vocational Section, HRDD. Govt of Sikkim, Gangtok
Various certificates awarded under different interventions of the Programme to concerned candidates are placed at Annexure II.

Annexure 1

  List of Govt Senior Secondary Schools offering various Vocational Streams at 2Stage under the Vocational education Programme in Sikkim w.e.f. february, 2004.  
Sl. no   
Name of the Govt SS School

Name of the Vocational Stream

1 Assam Lingzey Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Poultry Farming
2. Bermiok Tokal Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Dairying
3. Buriakhop Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Poultry Farming
4. Central Pendam Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Dairying
5. Chakung Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Travel & Tourism Management
6. Chujachen Govt SS School I) Horticulture -/-
7. Dentam Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Dairying
8. Deorali (Girls) Govt SS School I) Hotel Management & Catering Technology II) Office Secretary
9. Dikling Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Dairying
10. Enchey Govt SS School I) IT Application -/-
11. Gyalshing (Girls) Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) IT Application
12. Hee Gyathang Govt SS School I) Horticulture -/-
13. Hee Yangthang Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Dairying
14. Khamdong Govt SS School I) Horticulture -/-
15. Lingdok Govt SS School I) IT Application II) Travel & Tourism Management
16. Mamring Govt SS School I) Horticulture -/-
17. Mangalbaria Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) IT Application
18. Mangan Govt SS School I) Hotel Management & Catering Technology II) IT Application
19. Namchi (Co-Ed) Govt SS School I) Horticulture -/-
20. Namchi (Girls) Govt SS School I) Hotel Management & Catering Technology II) Office Secretaryship
21. Namthang Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Dairying
22. Pelling Govt SS School I) Travel & Tourism Management -/-
23. Phodong Govt SS School I) Dairying II) Automobile Technology
24. Ranipool Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) IT Application
25. Ranka Govt SS School I) Horticulture -/-
26. Rumtek Govt SS School I) IT Application II) Travel & Tiourism Management
27. Rhenock Govt SS School I) Horticulture -/-
28. Ravangla Govt SS School I) Travel & Tourism Management II) Automobile Technology
29. Sadam Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) IT Application
30. Singtam Govt SS School I) IT Application -/-
31. Sombaria Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Dairying
32. Samdong Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Darying
33. Sang Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Travel & Tourism Management
34. Soreng Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) IT Application
35. Tadong Govt SS School I) IT Application II) Hotel Management & Catering Technology
36. Tashiding Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Hotel Management & Catering Technology
37. Sir TN (Boys) Govt SS School I) IT Application II) Automobile Technology
38 Teemi Govt SS School I) Horticulture II) Dairying
39. West Point Govt SS School I) IT Application -/-
40. Yangang Govt SS School I) IT Application II) Automobile Technology
  Table I : District-wise Percentage of vocational education students from total nos. sr. sec students (Class XI & XII) in 40 Govt. SS Schools in Sikkim for the academic years – 2005, 2006 & 2007.  
Sl.no Enrolment Academic Year: 2005 Academic Year: 2006 Academic Year: 2007
District XI & XII Under voc edn in XI & XII Percentage of voc edn students XI & XII Under voc edn in XI & XII Percentage of voc edn students XI & XII Under voc edn in XI & XII Percentage of voc edn students
1. East 3370 648 19.23% 3131 641 19.41% 3000 462 15.4%
2. North 446 114 25.56%  382 86 22.51%  430 102 23.72%
3. South 1258 306 24.32% 1079 256 23.73% 1000 254 25.4%
4. West 1402 291 20.75% 1425 339 23.79% 1570 294 18.73%
5. State 6476 1359 20.98% 6017 1322 21.97% 6000 1112 18.53%

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