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Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)


Annual Report 2007 - 08

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Objective of SSA|Man Power details|Account Section SPO/SSA|Activities/work done/being done during 08-09


Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is a comprehensive and integral flagship Programme of Government of India. SSA was launched in Sikkim in 2001-2002 and is being implemented by the State Mission Authority (SSA) registered under the Sikkim Society Act vide registration No. 31 (Society) LD/2000-01/45, dated: 21/02/2000. The State Mission Authority comprises of:

1. General Body             :  
President : Hon’ble Chief Minister
Vice-President                : i) Hon’ble Minister, HRDD
ii) Hon’ble Minister, Social Justice Empowerment & Welfare Department with members
2. Executive Committee   :  
Chairman                       : Chief Secretary
Vice Chairman                : i) Secretary, HRDD
ii) Secretary, Social Justice Empowerment & Welfare Department with members.
  Objective of SSA:
  • To enroll all children between the age group of 6-14 years
  • To provide satisfactory quality education at elementary level.
  • To bridge social, regional and gender gaps with active participation of the community in the management of the school.
  1. Name of the Office        : State Project Office, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, HRDD, Gangtok
  2. Head of the Office         : Addl.Director cum State Project Director (SSA)
   Head of the section         : Addl. Director cum Project Officer (SSA)
  3. Location                        : Human Resource Development Department, Government of Sikkim, Tashiling, Gangtok-737101
  Tele-Fax       : 03592 203338
  4. Manpower at State Project Office, SSA:
Name Designation Phone
Mrs.Mamta Thapa State Project Director, SSA 03592-203338 (O)
Mr.Sonam Lepcha Dy. Director (SSA)  
Ms. T.Y Katuk Coordinator (SSA) – II 9932225216 (M)
Mr. Sunil Giri Jr. Programmer (SSA)  
Mrs. Meena Chettri AEO (SSA)  
Mrs. Jumkey Bhutia Computer Operator (SSA)- I  
Ms. Rinzin Ongmu Bhutia Computer Operator (SSA) - II  
Mrs. N.M.Mukhia, Peon  
Mr. Dil Bdr. Mukhia, Peon  
Mrs. Karma Choden Bhutia    
Mr. M.B.Subba Driver  
  Accounts Section, SPO/SSA
Name Designation Phone
Mr. Deepen Rai Accountant (SSA)  
Mr. G.K. Tiwari Accounts clerk / LDC (SSA)  
Mr. Gyan Bdr. Subba Peon  

5. SSA is a district implementation programme being managed by District Project Offices of HRDD. Accordingly, District Annual Plans are prepared and submitted to Government of India. Based on the District AWP & B, funds are allocated to each district. Since, the inception of SSA in Sikkim, following are the few notable achievements till March 2008.

  • Out of School children reduced from 15033 to 1337
  • 611 teaching faculty (GTs, PRTs, Monastic Teachers & SMs) have been appointed under SSA
  • 44 New PS opened
  • 40 PS are up-graded to UPS (JHS)
  • General Education to 79 Monastic Schools have been introduced
  • One Computer lab with 10 Computer sets in 40 JHS has been established
  • 76 UPS have been provided with one Computer set each
  • Play materials for Pre-Primary classes have been provided to all schools.
  • 24 Educational Guarantee Scheme (EGS) centres are running at remote areas to provide basic educational facilities to out of school children
  • Maintenance grants, school grants, teachers grant and text-book subsidy to focused group children (SC/ST children and girls) are provided to each Government School.
  • Civil Works approved and completed as on 31st March 2008
• BRC - 05
• CRC - 45
• School Building  - 41
• Additional Rooms - 178
• Boundary Wall - 109
• Toilets - 619
• Drinking Water - 369
• Electricity  - 148
• Rooms for Monastic School - 27
  6. Activities/ work done / Being done during (2008-09)
  A: At State level:
  • Coordination between districts, states and MHRD, Government of India
• Preparation of State AWP & B and its submission to Government of India
  • To prepare the Resource Persons for Districts to organize teachers training programmes
  • To orient Accounts personnel working at SPO & DPOs in collaboration with Government of India to strengthen the Account Sections
  • Meetings with others Departments; Social Welfare Department & Ecclesiastic Department
  • To conduct General Body & Executive Committee and Sub-Executive Committee meetings to review the progress of SSA
  • To develop Annual Reports and publish for wide circulation
  • Appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff under SSA
  • To coordinate with District for conduction of House Hold Survey and Institutional Survey.
  • To carry out action research like Absenteeism of teachers at State level
  • To develop teacher training modules for Primary & Upper Primary in collaboration with SIE & DIET
  • To provide guidelines from time to time related with the approved activities
  B: At District level:
  1. Training programmes organized for teachers
Sl.No.  Category East West North South Total
1 Graduate Teacher 303 184  45 122 654
Primary Teacher 311 182 102 150 745
Total 614 366 147 272 1399
  2. House hold survey and Institutional survey conducted and compilation process is in the pipe-line
  3. Remedial coaching to poor performing children is in progress

4. Schools grant @ 5000/- per year for PS & 7000/- per year for UPS, teacher grant @ 500/- per year per teacher, maintenance grants @ 5000/- per schools upto three class rooms & Rs. 10,000/- for schools having more than 3 class rooms.

  5. Text book subsidy to SC, ST children and general category of girls provided.
  6. Approved and completed activities under Civil Works in 2008-09 rill 31st Dec.’ 08
Sl.No. Component Approved in PAB 2008-09 (including spillover) Completed in I Quarter Completed in II Quarter Completed in III Quarter Total
Phy  Fin  Phy Fin Phy Fin  Phy Fin  Phy Fin
1    BRC   21.90   5.90   2.00        
2    CRC   113.60   2.60   48.65        
School Building   110.38   6.7   11.50        
Addl.Rooms   208.71    4.80   81.45        
Fencing/B.Walls   78.62   0.63   25.53        
6   Toilets   19.80   0.10   17.00        
7 Drinking Water   24.08   0.24   12.99        
Electricity   20.10    0   14.9        
Child/Env.Friendly   5.75    0   0.15        
10  HMS Rooms       0    4.40        
11 Rooms for Monastic Schools       1.50   13.10        
12 Kitchen Shed                    
13 Rooms for earthquake affected                    
14  Repairs 2 5.00                
Total 2  607.94   22.47   231.67        

7. For the Financial Year 2008-09 an amount of Rs. 2302.20 lakhs have been approved and sanctioned by GOI. The District-wise allocation is as follows:


Rupees in Lakhs



DPO/SPO Approved Out lay Fund released to DPO
1 East (DPO) 620.88 605.45
2 South (DPO) 678.58 579.51
3 West (DPO)  597.16 499.09
4 North (DPO) 342.73 273.27
5 SPO (Sikkim) 62  
Total 2301.35 1957.32

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