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1. Name of the Office : Directorate of Technical Education, Scholarship Section, HRDD
2. Section Head : Mr. O.P. Basnett, Addl. Director, Scholarship, HRDD
Ph. No. : 220651 – 259
3. Total Manpower : 10 (Scholarship Section)
1) Mr. O.P. Basnett, Addl. Director
2)Shri I.K.Chettri,Scholarship
3) Mr.Kumar Pradhan, Assistant Director,
4) Mrs. Basanti Chhetri : UDC
5) Ms. Nindey Bhutia, UDC
6)  Mrs. Diki Norbu Bhutia, LDC
7) Mrs. Chandra P. Rai, LDC
8) Mrs. Dilmaya Pradhan, LDC
9) Mr. Pem Tsh. Bhutia, Peon
4. Latest Annual Report ; enclosed at Annexure ‘A’
  Write up on Scholarship Section:  
  The major activities of Scholarship Section, HRDD are as under:  
  • Allotment of Quota Seats to students for pursuing various Post-Matric courses in and outside the State.  

• Printing and issue of application forms for the State Common Entrance Test for admission of students against State quota seats for Medical, Engineering and allied Science courses and for other general courses at Diploma / Graduate and Post Graduate Level.


• Award of Post matric Scholarship to students, who are pursuing various post matric course and Merit Scholarship & Prerna Scholarship to students of Government Schools and payment of scholarship thereof.


Various types of scholarship schemes: Post Matric Studies
Vide Notification No.166/Sch/HRDD dated 13.8.2003 Government of Sikkim has two types of Post matric Scholarship Schemes for Sikkimese students who are pursuing various Post matric Professional and Technical Course in the various Institutes in and out side the State as under:


1 (a) Merit Scholarship are awarded to students who secure an aggregate marks of 70% and above in class XII Board Examination or equivalent examination of any recognized Board for pursuing any under graduate course of his or her preference.


1 (b) General Scholarship is awarded to students who secure below 70% but above 50% and subject to fulfilment of the eligibility criteria for pursuing courses at Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate Level as notified in notification no. 116 / Sch / HRDD dated: 13.08.2003.


2. Financial assistance at the rate of Rs.300/ - p.m is awarded to local students belonging to Below Poverty Line (BPL) government Colleges in the State. (Notification No. 463 / SCH / HRDD dated 24.3.2005)


3. Fellowship grants at the rate of Rs. 6000/-p.m. per student and contingency grant of Rs. 12000/ per annum for a maximum period of three years or on completion of the course whichever is earlier is awarded to Local Students pursuing Ph.d studies on Sikkim related subjects. (Notification No.506/Est/HRDD dated: 22.2.2006)
As partial amendment to Notification No.506/Est/HRDD dated: 22.2.2006, vide Notification No. 010/03/SCH/HRDD/2007-2008/594 dated 13th March 2008, to encourage in – service candidates of the State Government, a fellowship grant of Rs. 3000.00 (three thousand only) plus a contingency grant of Rs. 12000/- per anum for a maximum period of 3 years or completion of research study whichever is earlier will be paid to in-service candidates.

The Government of Sikkim has following Merit scholarship schemes for Government School students:

1. As per Notification No 225 / Sch / Edn dated 11.06.02 Merit Scholarship is awarded to students of Government Schools who secure First, Second & Third position in the following Qualifying Examination for their studies in classes VI to XII as under:

Sl. No
Qualifying Examination
Position  Rate of Sch. Class
A. Class V Open Competitive Examination conducted by HRDD at Sub- Division Level


Rs. 1200 / p.a

Rs. 1000 /- p.a

Rs. 800 / - p.a
B. Class VIII (SJHSE) Examination selection of candidate is done at District Level. 1st


Rs. 1500 / p.a

Rs. 1200 /- p.a

Rs. 900 / - p.a
IX & X
C. Class X Board Examination selection of candidate is done at District Level. 1st


Rs. 1800 / p.a

Rs. 1500 /- p.a

Rs. 1200 / - p.a

2. Secondly, Prerna Scholarship is awarded to the next three girl students from the same merit list already prepared for the award of Merit Scholarship vide notification No. 236 / Sch / Edn dated 07.01.04 placed at cp-60-61. Rates of PRERNA SCHOLARSHIP are :

Sl. No

Position  Rate of Sch. Class
A. Elementary Education 1st


 Rs. 800 / p.a

Rs. 700 /- p.a

Rs. 600 / - p.a
B. Secondary Education 1st


Rs. 900 / -p.a

Rs. 800 /- p.a

Rs. 700 / - p.a
IX & X
C.  Sr. Secondary Education 1st


Rs. 1200 / p.a

Rs. 1100 /- p.a

Rs. 1000 / - p.a

3. Financial assistance is awarded to Local Students studying in RIMC Dehradun and Sainik School Goalpara, Assam @ Rs. 20000 / per annum per student.


4. Merit scholarship at the rate of Rs. 100 / -p.m for ten academic months is awarded to ten toppers (local students) who qualify in the State Level National Talent Search Examination securing 60% marks and above.


5. Reimbursement of annual school fees amounting to approximately Rs. 18,000/- in total incurred on the Orphan Children of Attish Dipankar Destitute Home, Chakung, West Sikkim.


6. Award of Scholarship @ Rs.300 /- per students for 10 academic months to 03 Non-Hindi Speaking Students of class XI – XII for pursuing Hindi subject in class XI-XII under “Hindi Implementation Scheme in Non-Hindi Speaking State. (100% CSS)




The Budget Provision under State Plan for award of Scholarship for financial year 2007-2008 was to the tune of Rs. 65.00 Lakhs, which has been totally utilized.


Under the NEC Scheme “Financial support to the students of North Eastern Region for Higher Professional Course” the grant available was Rs. 10.00 lakhs for the year 2007-2008, which has also been fully utilized.


Further, an additional amount of Rs. 20.00 lakhs was provided under the NEC Scheme for the financial year 2007-2008, which is being utilized for the current financial year 2008-2009.


Under the State Plan Rs. 120.00 lakhs for the financial year 2008-2009 has been earmarked against which Rs. 80.00 lakhs has been utilized till date.


All relevant information pertaining to Scholarship Section, HRDD is being posted in the Department’s website www.sikkim-nic.in/scholarship


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Human Resource Development Department,
Government of Sikkim


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