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2. Head of the office : Joint Director
3. Contact Person : PRINCIPAL
4. Location : Tathangchen
5. Phone No. 03592-202810 (0)
  Postal address: District Institute of Education and Training  
  Tathangchen, Gangtok-737102-East Sikkim  
  P.O. Raj Bhawan  
  Gangtok , Sikkim  
  E.Mail Address : jddiet@sikkim-hrdd.gov.in  
  Phone: 03592-202810 (0)  

1. Total manpower engaged and their details designation wise and contact number of important officials : District Institute of Education and Training


DIET Gangtok is under of charge of Joint Director, DIET with the following support staff both for academic and ministerial wings.

Sl. No.    Name Designation Nature of Work


1 Mr. O.P. Sapkota Joint Director DIET Regular Headquarter, HRDD
2 Ms. Surki Bhutia Principal DIET Regular Principal, DIET, Gangtok
3 Mrs. Mona Chettri Sr. Lecturer  On Re-employment  
4 Mrs. Radha Poudyal Sr. Lecturer   Regular Principal of SSS, Transferred and posted to DIET, Gangtok
5 Mrs Tshering L. Bhutia Sr. Lecturer   Regular Principal of SSS, on deputation for two years
6 Mrs. Anjali Rasily  Sr. Lecturer Regular  
Mr. K.K. Vyas Instructor Regular H.M. of Sec. school, transferred and posted to DIET, Gangtok
8 Mr. R. Singh Instructor Regular Deputed to STCS as Liasion Officer, Kolkota
9. Mr. P.S. Saha Coordinator Regular Headquaters, HRDD
  Office Staff  
Sl. No. 


Designation Nature of work
10  Mr. S.T Lepcha H.A Regular
11 Miss Indra Gurung U.D.C Regular
12 Mr. S.C. Kheral Lab. Asstt. Regular
13 Mrs. Yangchen Doma Bhutia Lab. Asstt. Regular
14 Mr. Harka  Maya Subba Librarian  Regular
15 Mr. Kyakfi Lepcha Peon Regular
16 Mr. Kedar Nath Sharma Cook Regular
17 Mr. Tempa Tashi Lepcha  Cook Regular
18 Miss Chungkee Bhutia Lib-Assistant Adhoc
19 Mrs. Babita Tewari (Bhattarai) Computer Operator Adhoc
20 Ms. Poonam Pariyar Peon Regular
21. Mr. Rajendra Ram Safaikaramcheri Regular

Quality education has been the major thrust area in education development in any country . Modern education system started in Sikkim with the advent of Finish Christian Missionaries. The first school was started by them at Khamdong (Rhenok) Song, and Lachen in 1880. later one Scottish Missionary Rev. W.S. Sutherand visited Sikkim in 1883. Another Scottish Missionary Rev. W Macfarlane visited Sikkim after two years. The Missionaries got official permission to settle only during 1889. The Finish missionaries who had started the schools handed them over to the Scottish Missionaries. By the second half 19th century, thirteen Turuk, Chakung, Soreng, Dentam Sang and Phambong. The Scottish Missionary , Rev. William Mac-Faralane had started a Training School called “ Normal School” in Darjeeling 1870. The first Sikkimese Student who was the then educated in that ‘Normal School’ was Mr. Apun Luksom.


Quality education depends largely on quality of teachers and quality of teachers depends largely on quality of their education and training. Teachers’ Training became an essential agenda of the government of time and the first training Institution was started at Gangtok in 1954. In the initial stage, teacher training course was called Village Teacher Training Course. Since the Government felt the need of having a trained person to run a training Institute, Shri P.S. Subba who was a teacher at T.N. S.S. School was deputed to Wardha, Gujarat to undergo training in Mahatma Ghandi’s Teacher Training Institute at Wardha. He became the first Sikkimese to have done so and was appointed as the Principal of that Basic Training Institute in 1959.


The teachers for undergoing the training were drawn from the various schools established at the time. Both regular government school teachers and Committee School teachers could attend the training for a period of one year. After the completion of the training course of one full year, the teacher was awarded a certificate by the Department of Education. Besides, this there was provision for incentives in the form of training allowance of Rs. 10/per month.


The Institution so established continued working till 1959 when it was shifted to a place called Pelling where it was attached to the Pelling Senior Secondary School and under the control of the Principal of that School.. The Institute continued working for some time but due to reasons not known it lay dormant for a few years.


In 1975 the institution was shifted to Gangtok. Regular courses of teacher training were initiated in the Institute again. After being shifted to many other buildings, the Institutions was finally shifted to the present location in 1986 and since then it has been in the same location. Crash Courses for Teachers Training was conducted in 1977-78 to trainee all the untrained teachers of time. Till then the State Institute of Education and Teachers Training Institute were functioning hand in glove to impart In-service Training to teachers. Since 1979 Regular full time Training was conduct for teachers drawn from different government schools of the state in the TTI.

  Details of In-service Training conducted from 1979-2002  


M                           F                        T
 1    1979 19 15 34 26 8  
  2     1980 23 11 34 20 13 1 Expelled
 3     1981 28 11 39 36 3  
4   1982 35 29 64 59 5  
 5    1983 69 35 104 95 9  
 6    1984 79 29 108 95 11 2 Discontinued
1985 55  32 87  74 13  
8   1986 58 25 83  61 22  
9   1987 58 23 81 62 19  
10 1988 56 23  79 66 13  
  11     1989 73 15 88 66 22  
12 1990   51 30 81 73 8  
  13     1991 49 34 83 72 11  
 14    1992 67 15 82  71 11  
15 1993  51 18  69 50 19  
  16    1994 52 134 66  52 14  
  17    1995 34 12 46  32 14  
18 1996  School mother Training     522    
 19    1997  29 23 52 40 12  
   20     1998 29 23 52 42 10  
 21    1999 30 21 51  40 11  
 22    2000 28 21 49 40 9  
 23    2001 29 28 57 48  8 1 left as Graduate Teachers
 24    2002 31 51 82 63 19  
  Total 1033  538 1061 1805 284  
  IV. District Institute of Education & Training (DIET)  

The National Policy on Education 1986 contemplated a district level Institution for education and training of teachers in all districts in the country. The Programme of Action (POA)for NPE 1986 envisaged that there would be three tier Teacher Education and Research and Training Institute on the lines of NCERT-SCERT and DIET at the National , State and District levels. Since 1998, the Teacher Training Institute has been upgraded as the (DIET). The TTI/DIET continued to run the In-Service Training for teachers of Sikkim till 2002 in a regular basis. The National Council of Teacher Education granted recognition to the DIET and it started to run Pre-Service Teacher Education Course since 2003. The first Pre-Service teacher training programme was lunched with admission of 83 trainees on August 2003. The course is divided into four semestes and includes Educational Theory, Content-cum-Methodology, English, Mathematics, Nepali, Environmental studies I (Social Science) Environmental studies II (natural science) School Organization, Psychology, Social Philosophical Perspective of Educational, School Experience Programme, Health & Physical Educational Practical & Project work. The Gangtok DIET is equipped to conduct regular Pre-service Course and In-service Teacher Education Course held at regular inter vals.


Since 2003 Pre-Services Training of 2 years durations started in DIET and the regular In-Service Training of 1 years was discontinued. The following tables gives the details of the pre services Training.

  DETAILS OF PRE-SERVICES Training Conducted.  
SI No. Academic Session

No of Trainees enrolled

No. of Trainees Passed/Left

  Male Female  Total


Left the course

1. 2003-2005 3 52 83 69 13 1= Expired
2. 2004-2006 15 30 45 32 13  
3. 2005-2007    7 25 32 23 9  
4 2006-2008 13 37 50 37 11 2 trainees - yet to be cleared 2nd and 4th semester- Dec -09
5. 2007-2009  11 39 50 36 6 8 trainees=yet to re-appear 3rd and 4th semester in the month of Dec. 2009
6. 2008-2010     15 35 50 Will be completed the course in the month of July 2010   Out of 50, 2 male and 2 female trainees have left the course.
7. 2009-1011 12 38 50 Will be completed the course in the month of July 2010    

 Training of School Mother| Proposed Diet |Annual Report|In Service Training|Resource Allocation





Date/Year Name of the Training Programme No of Participants Remarks
Refresher Course Cum-Examination 46 All four District
Refresher Course Cum-Examination  82 -do-
Training for Resource Persons  39 -do-
July 2005 Training for Primary Teachers 82 West District
Training Programme for Resources Persons 12 East District
Orientation Programamme for Primary Teacher of North district 47 North District

of East District

38 East District
27.3.2007 Content Enrichment Programme for Teachers  31 East, Pakyong Sub-Division
Refresher Course Cum- Re-Examination
East District
23 All District
Content Enrichment Programme
73 South District
  Branches of DIET  
  DIET has the following branches-  
  1. PSTE-Pre-Service Teacher Educational Branch
2. WE-Work Experience Branch
3. DRU-District Resource Unit.
4. IFIC- In-Service Programmes Field Interaction and Innovation Coordation Branch.
5. CMDE- Curriculum, material Development and Evaluation Branch.
6. ET- Educational technology Branch
7. P&M Planning and management Branch.

Note : The Gangtok DIET is equipped only to conduct Pre-Service and It-Service Teacher Education Course at Present and other branches are to be made functional in future.


In 1996 the TTI trained the school mothers in 8 batches and covered 522 schools mothers of different school in the State. The following table gives the details of school mothers trained by the TTI.



SL. No.
1 1 8.1.96 to 10.2.96 32 82
2   2 13.3.96 to 16.4.96 33 79
3 3 22.4.96 to 31.5.96  40 76
4 4 10.4.96 to 18.7.96 38 64
5 1.8.96 to 11.9.96 40 73
6   6 16.9.96 to 31.10.96 45 64
7  7 1.11.96 to 7.12.96 36 62
8 8 24.2.97 to 31.3. 97  37 22
9 9 (SSA) 7.7. 03 to 27.7.03  21 32
10 10 (SSA) 7.8.03 to 31.8.03  21 52

The State Government has given top priority for teacher training . The capacity building of teachers through regular and intensive training has been the main focus of the Department. A fully functional well equipped teacher training institution is envisaged. A new DIET campus is proposed to be setup at Burtuk near the Helipad. The Honorable Chief Minister of Sikkim laid the foundation stone of the proposed new building on 1st September 2004. Many Cabinet Minister HRDD. The Honorable Chief Minister was also felicitated on the occasion for having been honoured with the best performance in Education among small States in India. The new Campus it comes up it will serve many of the requirement of the DIET.




District Institute of Education and Training conducts regular Two-year Pre Service Teacher Educational Course spread over 4 semesters. Apart from the regular pre Service Course it also conducts short term in-service for primary teachers. The following details reflect the activities of Diet for the year 2005-2006



Name of the Programme

No. Of Participants

Cost Involved

  2 Year Pre Service teacher
Educational Course
31 2nd year
30 1st year
Rs. 801326/-On A/c of Stipend
@ Rs. 800/p.m.


In-service Primary Teachers Training:
a) 6 day Training of Primary HMs of 4 District. (4th to 8th July’05).

b) Content enrichment Programme for Primary Teachers of East District. (4 to 8 July 2005)

c) Content Enrichment progamme for Primary Teachers of North District. (4 to 8 July 2005)

d) Content Enrichment Programme for Teachers
Training teachers Maths/ Eng/EVS-I Social studies & II etc. From Pakyong Sub-Division. 27 March 1 April 2006





Rs. 1,75,00/-
provided by MHRD Govt. of India



Short Programmes:

Hind Awareness Camp Conducted by central Institute of Hindi (CIH), Agra at Gangtok (21.5.06 to 11.6.2006)

All Pre-service Trainees attended a Health Orientation course conducted by Health Department .
a) 3rd Semester Trainees attended Hindi Awareness Programme At Agra Central Institute of Hindi (CIH), during winter vacation 2005-06

b) 6 Day Training programme for Resource person, east District – (1st – 7th Feb 2006)




Cost borne by Central Institute of Hindi (CIH)

Cost borne by health Deptt.

Cost borne by Central institute of Hindi (CIH),
Cost borne by East Distt. Edn Office

Apart from the above , the lecturers of DIET including Principal attended training programme and workshop conducted by national Institutes as given below:

Sl. No.   Participants venue Remarks
  Mrs. T.L Bhutia and Ms. Anjali Rasaily attended a ten day Orientation course for DIET faculty NIEPA, New Delhi  
9.12.05 4 day workshop held and preparation of Perspective Plan Gangtok Gangtok All lecturers of DIET participated
(24.12.05 to 27.12.05) Dr. B.K. Patnaik, Consultant Ed. Cil. And prof. Shri S.K. Yadav of National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) visited & attended workshop of finalization of perspective plan.   Conference Hall, HRDD , Gangtok All Lecturers of DIET and Officers of Education department participated
Mrs M. Chettri and Ms. S. Bhutia attended 4 day workshop on life Sketches of grate personalities of any states
Guwahati National Regional Institute of Education NRIE, Shillong  
7th to 10 February 2006 Mrs Om Pradhan and Ms. S. Gazmer attended orientation of Key Resource Persons KRPs NRIE, Shillong conducted it at Roing, DIET Arunachal Pradesh  
8th Feb-2006 Principal DIET attended Conference of DIET Principal & Directors tate Council of education Research & Training SCERT. Vigyan Bhawan, New Dekhi  
  Mrs. T.L. Bhutia , Lecturer attended a workshop at NCERT National Council of Education Research & Training on “Study of Professionalism of Rural Primary Teachers in Changing Socio-Economic Context” National Council of Education Research & Training NCERT, Delhi  
  Mrs. T.L. Bhutia & Anjali Rasaily attended a workshop on study of professionalism of Rural Prymary scheme on changing socio economic context.

National Council Of Educational Research & Training NCERT, Delhi.


Annual Report 2006-2007


District Institute of Education and Training was conceived as a major intervention in providing quality training to teachers by the National Policy on Education 1986. Education is a continuous process and its quality depends on training and Education of Teachers who are the real practitioners . In Sikkim, TTI which was catering to training to training needs of teachers till 1988 and DIET became a Central Sponsored Scheme in 1989 with upgradation of the existing indtitute (TTI). It is the only government Institution providing pre-service training to prospective local candidates who may opt for the primary teacher’s job . The institute is located a Tathangchen, Gangtok and has a strength of 10 teaching faculty including the Principal with ministerial and class IV staff. The Institute is recognized by the National Council of Teacher Education.

  Pre-service Training:  

District Institute of Education & training conduct 2 years Pre-service Teacher Training Course. Since 2003 , pre-service Training was lunched. The following table gives the number of candidates trained.

No of Trainees enrolled No. of Trainees Passed/Failed
Male  Female Total Pass Failed  
2003-2005 30 53 83 69  3 13 left
1 expired
2004-2006    13 29 42 30 3 11 left
2005-2007 20 27 17 6 4 Left failed
2006-2008 16 34  50 22 17 11 left
2007-2009 13  32 45 Will be completed in 2009  - 5 left
2008-2009   15 35 50 Will be completed in 2010  -  

Further Central Institute of Hindi (CIH) Agra conduct two courses for DIET Trainees: one from 7/5/06 to 22/6/06 at Accounts & administrative Training Institute (AATI), Gangtok and another at Central Institute of Hindi (CIH) Agra from 16/1/07 to 8.2.07. 23 DIET trainees and 27 In-service teachers attended the programme at Agra.

  In-service Training:  

In Service Training also is conducted as and when the faculty is free from pre-service training or when there are vacations, DIET has developed a Training Material for In-service teachers. It was used for training of Resource Persons and Teacher under SSA Scheme. During 2006-2007 the following training was conducted

Sl. No Name of the Training No. Of Participants
1 Content Enrichment Programme for teachers of east district w.e.f. 27th March 2006 to April 2006 31
Registration of In-service Teacher Trainees for Refresher-cum- Re-examination w.e.f. 1st Feb’07 23
  Capacity Building of Faculties:  
  Capacity building of faculties is an essential component of a DIET programme annually its faculty members are sent training and Orientation outside the State to equip them with adequate resourcefulness from of National level Institutes.  
  Following table gives the details of Trainings /orientations /workshops attended.  
Sl.No Name of the Programme Host Agency No of Participants
16th to 17th February 2006 Mrs. T.L. Bhutia and Ms. Anjali Rasily Workshop on Study of Professionalism of Rural Primary
Teachers on Changing Socio-Economic context
National Council of educational Resource & Training (NCERT), New Delhi 2
28th -29th June 2006 Mrs. T.L. Bhutia and Ms. Anjali Rasily 2 day second round workshop on study of Professionalism of Rural Primary Teachers in the Changing Socio-economic context conduct by National Council Of Education Resources & Training (NCERT) do 2
Mr. Kishor Rai attended 3 days workshop at National Council of Education Resource & Training (NCERT) on Safety of School Going Children & Disaster Management in School  do 1
6.11.06-10.11.06 Principal attended a 5 days workshop at National Institute of Educational Planning & Administration (NEPA) on Planning for Universalisation of Secondary education alongwith Ms.Mala Rai Science Coordinator State Institute of Education (SIE) National Institute of Education Planning & administration (NIEPA), N.Delhi 2
21st - 22nd
November 2006
Workshop on Study of professionalism of Rular Primary Teachers, at National Council of Education Resource & Training (NCERT) attended by Ms. Anjali Rasily & Mrs. T.L.Bhutia  National Council of Education Resources & Training (NCERT) Delhi 2
  Workshop on study of Language Skill development at North Eastern Regional Institute of Education (NERIE) Shillong and University Arunchal Pradesh. Ms. Sashi Kala Gazmer and Mrs. T.L.Bhutia attended North Eastern Regional Institute of Education (NERIE) Shillong 2
December 2006. Orientation on Study on Pedagogy for District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) faculty at Regional Institute of Education (RIE), Bhunashwar. Ms Surki Bhutia and Mrs. Sabita Subba attended Regional Institute of Education (RIE) Bhuwaneswar 2
26.02.2007. to 04.03.2007 7 days workshop attended on Early childhood, Care and Education at Guwahati, Assam. Mrs. D.K Chettri and Ms. Anjali Rasily North Eastern Regional Institute of Education NERIE, Shillong 2
5th March to 9th March 2007
5 days orientation programme of key Resources persons in promoting effective reading and writing skills at shillong attended by Ms. Shashi Kala Gazmer, Mrs Sabita Subba & Mrs. T.L.Bhutia. North Eastern Regional Institute of Education (NERIE), Shillong 3
  Ms. S. Bhutia and Ms. A.Rasily attended a 4 day workshop cum training programme on Environmental Education cum Disaster Mitigation for Elementary Educator at Kalibor, Nagar Assam. North Eastern Regional Institute of Educational (NERIE), Shillong 2
7th to 16th March 2007 Mr. Kishor Rai attended a 10 days orientation Training for untrained (P.Os) Project Officers, Ramakrishna mission, Loksiksha Parishad Niarendrapur, Kolkata. West Bengal Kolkata 1
w.e.f.12th March to 16th March 2007  Mrs. H.M.Rai, Y.D. Bhutia and Chungkee Bhutia attended a 5 days orientation programme of Librarian/ Incharge Librarian of SCERT/SIE/DIET of North East Region at Shilling. North Eastern Regional Institute of Education (NERIE), Shillong 3

Apart from above the DIET is also engaged in works like Greening of Text books, preparation of (TLM) Teaching Learning Material for Monastic schools. Preparation of question paper and Evaluation of Answer script for recruitment of teachers and such other programmes which then department calls upon to do.

  7 Details of Government schemes, centrally sponsored scheme (if any) being implemented under the section.  

DIET is 200% centrally sponsored teachers Education Schemes funded by govt. of India Department School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resources Development under which funds for salaries of staff, in – services training programmes contigenency and faculty development are provided.

  8. Forms useful for general and Department employees: N/A.  
  The Annual Resources allocation provided to the Diet is given below:  
1. Salaries 5,500
2. T.E. 100
3. O.E. 500
4. O.C  600
5.  M/S  -
  Total 6700
  9. Any other information that be useful for general public and department employees:  

Process of Admission
District Institute of Education & Tranning is a Teacher is teacher Education Institute which conduct 2 years Pre-Service Teacher Education Course. The other Institute conduction the Course is Carnal Teacher Tranning Instituite Pakyang. The intake capacity as approved by NCTE for DIET Gangtok is 50 candidates for year.
The Admission for the course are held in July every year. Admission Notice in local channels and News papers are published inviting applications and the candidates aspring to undergo the training may apply in prescribed froms which are available in the Prospectus. Seats for each district and category are reserved and candidates can apply with required documents as mention in the Prospectus. Admission is based on merit computed on the basis of 40% weightage to CL X 60% weightage to Cl XII merit’s and admission teste of 100 marks in which the canididate proficiency in English, Math’s, EVS-I (Social Studies), EVS-II (Science) are tested for determining the eligibility / merit of the candidate.


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